About us

About us

HEAD electronics BV in Katwijk was founded in June 1987 by Mr. A. van Leeuwen. HEAD stands for "Holland Electronics Advanced Development". The company's address is Ambachtsweg 17 on the 't Heen in Katwijk industrial estate. It currently employs 250 staff working in different locations, > 40 engineers, 8000m2 production. Since 31 August 2012, Mr. W.O. Kok has been the managing director of HEAD electronics and our sister companies CDS Electronics, and Muco Technologies.

HEAD electronics in brief

HEAD specializes in designing and assembling industrial electronics, it is a customer-oriented and flexible company. The combination of knowledge and experience makes Head Electronics a One-Stop-Shop. The specific specialist areas are: development, global sourcing of components and the assemble of circuit boards and electronics. From prototype to series production from individual PCBs to systems and from conventional to fine pitch SMD.

The flat organization and the flexible attitude of the employees are valuable tools in our no nonsense approach. The business processes are professionally designed and are ISO 9001:2015 certified and "Management Improvement" plays an increasingly important role in our business.


HEAD offers total solutions in the areas of electronics and mechatronics. It is active in PCB production, the development and assembly of electronics, semi-manufactured and final products. HEAD is subcontractor for industrial companies.

For its customers, HEAD wants to be a company that is recognized as providing more than just components. HEAD mainly supplies to customers in the Netherlands but also in the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom.

HEAD aims to achieve a good return on investment for its shareholder. HEAD also wants to be a good employer and to provide its employees with a pleasant working environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop their talents. HEAD attaches great importance to the environment-friendly production of its products.

Principles are

  • Competitive
  • Innovative
  • High quality
  • Constant improvements and growth
  • Awareness of social values and norms


The coming years will be characterized by steady growth achieved by consolidating old and attracting new markets, and many new developments on the electronics market.

Examples of these developments include:
the increasing size of some of our clients, the growing use of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) by the lighting industry, a cautious shift in the foreign outsourcing of industrial electronics production to production in the Netherlands and the growth of the economy in general.

HEAD is characterized by its ongoing investment in existing and new production facilities, and in its infrastructure, knowledge and experience. This makes it possible to play a role in this new market environment.


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