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Head Electronics has invested in a data management system to be able to manage its processes even better and to generate lots of new data for use in the process, analysis activities and presentations.

Current situation

The preparation and assembly processes are structured, and are becoming progressively more optimized and documented. They are increasingly goal- and result-driven and improved. This is an essential basis of the ISO 9001 certificate.


Even so, we see a shift from the appearance of more or less individual processes to processes that operate together with the other processes. It depends how one sees the business. For example, if a bare circuit board from its arrival is to be identified by a barcode and recognized as it is being produced and throughout its working life, a lot more is possible that requires a lot more manual labor:

  • (Online) production instructions and documentation
  • The paperless office and shop floor is rapidly approaching
  • Real-time change management Gerber, BOM and assembly
  • Production status
  • Correct production/ process sequence
  • Internal rejection
  • Productivity
  • Error reduction by linking barcodes of parts, circuit boards and production tools or machine settings
  • Product and component traceability
  • Project progress for management and client
  • Data to analyze improvement processes
  • Based on their authorization, members of the various disciplines within the company can use a web browser to follow, influence, or execute the process. When all of this has been implemented, the customer will be able to obtain real-time project information.

Of course, no software can improve the product or process just like that. But by using appropriate tools such as the Manufacturing Operations Software AEGIS and the efforts of motivated employees who know what they want to achieve, a lot is possible.

In conclusion

Head Electronics has embarked on a path of no return and is following the same track as the Technology Group of the NEVAT Electronic Manufacturing Services group. The objective is to improve the value of the Dutch manufacturing industry by giving it more substance and to learn from each other.

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