• Mon 20 Apr 2020

    HEAD goes Medical

    Trots kunnen wij melden dat we succesvol door de ISO13485 (Medische Hulpmiddelen) audit gekomen zijn! Deze prestatie, waarbij geen tekortkomingen gevonden zijn, laat weer eens zien hoe goed we in...
  • Tue 04 Feb 2020


    In response to the coronavirus outbreak in China, national and local governments have taken certain decisions there regarding the shutdown of industrial production in the country. As of this...
  • Wed 07 Mar 2018

    ISO 9001:2015 Certificate extended

    The ISO 9001:2015 certificate for HEAD Electronics Ltd has been renewed and extended by Lloyd's Register Assurance ltd. until March 2021.
  • Thu 04 Aug 2016

    X-ray and EMS at HEAD

    Use of the X-Ray machine and the EMC measuring equipment
  • Thu 04 Aug 2016

    Cleaning and coating of PCB's

    Recently, there has been a major increase in the demand for more complex assembly including the coating of printed circuit boards (larger) components. Combined with the increasing batch sizes, this...
  • Thu 04 Aug 2016

    Statement RoHS & REACH (draft)

    RoHS refers to restricting the use of six hazardous substances. REACH refers to the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of (certain) Chemicals.
  • Thu 04 Aug 2016

    Conflict Minerals Compliance Statement

    HEAD Electronics supports the humanitarian goal of ending the violence and human rights violations associated with the extraction of certain minerals from the Conflict Region. The Conflict Region is...

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