X-ray and EMS at HEAD

Use of the X-Ray machine and the EMC measuring equipment

Use of the X-Ray machine:

  • In part supervised by our test-engineer
  • Estimated price: € 140.00 per hour < 4 hour
  • Estimated price: € 120,00 per hour at > 4 hour
  • Rounded to nearest hour 
  • Bring a USB flash drive containing your data
  • Please reserve the use of the machine one day in advance. The machine takes time to set up
  • The price will be calculated retrospectively and confirmed by email

Usage of the EMC measuring equipment

  • In part supervised by our test-engineer
  • Only to provide support during your development process, it is not intended for certification purposes
  • Estimated price: € 150,00 per hour
  • Rounded to nearest hour
  • Measurement report included
  • Please contact us with respect to availability
  • Our spectrum analyzer can measure up to a frequency of 7,5Ghz
  • Bring the circuit diagram


  • Prices excluding VAT
  • Payment within 30 days
  • You are responsible for the product and the results
  • We can only offer you our facilities and support

Are you interested? Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department

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