Mechatronics (final products)

In addition to the assembly of PCBs, we can also install these boards into enclosures to create semi-manufactured or complete (final) products.

HEAD offers the following possibilities:

  • The manual soldering of components that are unsuitable for automatic processing
  • The rework of manufactured electronic components (e.g. as a result of a change)
  • The automated cleaning and coating of populated PCBs
  • The manual potting of populated PCBs
  • The wiring and installation of electronic components in enclosures
  • Assembly in housing or larger system

In addition, this department supplies complete final products that are developed and manufactured on behalf of our customers. We can also, in consultation with you, develop and purchase a wide range of non-electronic components including housings, mechanics, etc. for you. To do this, we have a large network of suppliers in a wide variety of areas.

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