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Head electronics has a separate Department for electronics development

It has expertise in the field of analog and digital electronics and embedded software. A design usually starts with a specification, but also an idea may be enough to get a nice product or concept to work out for you.

A development can be realized on the basis of realized hours or for a fixed price. This depends on the way you provide the requirements, functional specification, etc. available. On this basis, our Sales Department will make a quote.

A development can be done by us or in close cooperation with our external partners. This depends on the application and planning.


A good example is the development of the latest high tech ergotrainer Vortex. HEAD developed, in close consultation with its client Tacx BV in Wassenaar (NL), the hardware and embedded software for the computer and the electro-brake. The units communicate using the ANT protocol.


Our developers, together with our test engineers, are often involved in the entire production process, including the PCB design and the design, implementation and evaluation of test procedures. Therefore, all PCBs are electrically and physically tested. We also test all of the electronics, and semi-manufactured and final products according to fixed procedures. The test procedures and equipment can come from our principals or we can develop them in consultation with the customer.

In preparation for a possible external EMC inspection, we can perform a pre-compliance EMC behavior test of the PCB.


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