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PCB work preparation and purchasing

Based on the specifications you provide, our work preparation department will create a production panel design for your PCB. This will be ordered from one of our selected suppliers. The order will contain the panel data and PCB specifications. The company will produce the circuit board using a photographic and chemical process. The boards most commonly requested are double-sided, 4-layer or 6-layer PCBs. Of course, other types are also available. See our checklist or use your own print specification.

Further operations include drilling, milling, applying the solder mask by means of curtain coating, printing text, peel-off mask and making V grooves or other options. The figure below gives you an impression of the machines used by a PCB manufacturer.

Our partners have modern machinery and a certified quality system (ISO 9001/IPC6012), which guarantees high quality products. The circuit boards are electrically tested after being produced. The finishing materials we use are Ni/Au (chemical gold) and lead-free HAL. If a circuit board must be coated, it is important to indicate this on the checklist.

When HEAD receives the PCB, during the incoming goods reception process the surface tension of the solder mask is checked using a calibrated marker in order to ensure quality.


Bestuckte printplaat (PCBA)

and/or (final) assembly, see checklist.

Much of this information ends up in the on-line project folder that is used during the production phase of the product: see Design for manufacturing.

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